Bernard Charoy

Bernard Charoy was born in 1931 to a family of artisans, in the Lorraine region on the East of France. His creative lineage and the artistic heritage of his region were to have a profound influence on his career.

Before entering boarding school he had already demonstrated his gift as a draftsman. By the age of 11 he was executing drawings and illustrations which showed exceptional talent and - something which is far rarer than technical virtuosity - a keen sense of human sentiment which would continue to mark his later works. His prodigious talent and introspective sensibility are brilliantly illustrated by the self-portrait at the front of the book, which he executed at the age of 17. Charoy came to Butte Montmartre in 1955 to learn and work with the artists of the Atelier Dejoie. He came with his prodigious talent and a burning desire to learn and work. It was here that he learned the art of lithography and began applying his talents to the more difficult medium oil painting.

Bernard Charoy is a brilliant talented figurative artist, who was continued to follow and develop his creativity instincts for nearly half a century. Slowly, but sincerely he has built up an international following of admirers and collectors.